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      13 Dez 2023
      In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of Together.AI, a versatile platform offering a wide range of products, including Chat, Language, and Code models. We discuss the transparent inference pricing structure based on token usage and explore various pricing tiers for different model sizes. Visit together.ai/pricing for detailed pricing and feature information. The episode highlights Together.AI's diverse model variety, from lightweight 4B models to robust 41B - 70B models, catering to various user needs. We also cover dedicated instances and fine-tuning options, enabling users to customize models according to their specific projects. Discover Together.AI's state-of-the-art GPU clusters with H100 and A100 GPUs, connected via high-speed networks for optimal performance. This podcast episode offers valuable insights into Together.AI's powerful tools and flexible pricing, making it an ideal choice for both tech enthusiasts and professionals. For more tech revelations and platform explorations, stay tuned to our podcast series. Visit together.ai/pricing to learn more about Together.AI's pricing and features. Thank you for joining us on this journey through the intricacies of Together.AI.

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    This podcast series explores various technology platforms, diving deep into their offerings, pricing, and unique features. Together.AI is the focus of one episode, where its products, inference pricing, model variety, dedicated instances, and GPU cluster pricing are discussed. The series aims to inform and inspire tech enthusiasts and professionals about innovative platforms and their capabilities. For comprehensive information, visit together.ai/pricing

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