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    BOOKEY Book Summary and Review

    The Tragic Tale of Tess: From Innocence to Desolation

    25. Oktober 2023

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    Chapter 1:Summary of Tess of the d'Urbervilles book

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles, written by Thomas Hardy, tells the tragic story of Tess Durbeyfield, a young, innocent girl who is sent by her poverty-stricken family to claim kinship with the wealthy d'Urberville family. The novel explores themes of social class, identity, gender roles, and the injustices of Victorian society.

    Tess is portrayed as a pure and virtuous girl who falls victim to the manipulation and exploitation of men. She is seduced by Alec d'Urberville, who takes advantage of her naivety and innocence. After this traumatic event, Tess returns home to her family, where she gives birth to a son who later dies.

    Desperate to improve her life, Tess starts working for the Stokes, a family that runs a poultry farm. There she meets Angel Clare, a young man she falls in love with and eventually marries. However, Tess feels guilty about her past and confesses her history to Angel on their wedding night. Shocked by her revelation, Angel abandons their marriage and leaves for Brazil to start a new life.

    Left heartbroken and destitute, Tess reunites with Alec, who promises to take care of her. However, in a moment of desperation and rage, Tess kills Alec and becomes a fugitive. She flees and is eventually captured and sentenced to death for her crime.

    The novel criticizes the double standards of Victorian society, where women were often held responsible for their actions and treated as objects to be desired or virtuous examples to follow. Tess is portrayed as a victim of her circumstances and the harsh judgments of society.

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles is a tragic tale that explores the timeless themes of injustice, fate, and the challenging nature of social norms. The novel serves as a critique of Victorian social hierarchy and the limitations it placed on individuals, particularly women, in pursuing their happiness and personal growth.

    Chapter 2:the meaning of Tess of the d'Urbervilles book

    Tess of the d'Urbervilles is a novel written by Thomas Hardy that explores themes of social class, gender inequality, and the consequences of fate. The story follows the life of the eponymous protagonist, Tess Durbeyfield, who is a young peasant woman in rural England. Tess's family discovers that they are related to the ancient and noble d'Urberville family, and they send her to claim kinship and secure a better future for themselves. During her stay with the d'Urberville family, Tess is seduced and then abandoned by Alec d'Urberville, a wealthy and privileged man. This event sets off a series of tragic events in Tess's life, including her falling in love with Angel Clare, a young man from a higher social class but who ultimately rejects her upon learning about her past. The novel explores the injustice and hypocrisy of a society that punishes Tess for her sexuality while allowing men to exploit and abuse women. Tess of the d'Urbervillles reflects on the destructive power of societal norms, the limitations imposed on women, and the devastating effects of external forces beyond an individual's control.

    Chapter 3:Tess of the d'Urbervilles book chapters

    Chapter 1: The novel introduces the reader to John Durbeyfield and his wife Joan, a poor couple living in Marlott, England. John discovers that he is a descendant of the noble d'Urberville family, a fact that excites him and leads him to believe that his family's fortune is about to change.

    Chapter 2: John sends his daughter, Tess, to the nearby town of Trantridge to seek help from their wealthy relatives, the Stoke-d'Urbervilles. Tess reluctantly agrees and sets out on her journey.

    Chapter 3: Tess arrives at the residence of the Stoke-d'Urbervilles, where she meets Alec d'Urberville, the son of the family. He takes an immediate interest in Tess and offers her a job at his estate, Talbothays. Tess, desperate for work, accepts the offer.

    Chapter 4: Tess settles into her new role at Talbothays and befriends her fellow workers. She catches the eye of Angel Clare, a theology student who is staying nearby and frequently visits the farm. Tess is attracted to Angel, but she tries to suppress her feelings because she believes that she is unworthy of his love.

    Chapter 5: Tess and Angel continue to spend time together and grow closer. They discuss their shared love of nature and philosophy. Angel expresses his belief in the equality of men and women, which greatly appeals to Tess.

    Chapter 6: Tess's relationship with Angel begins to escalate, and they share a passionate kiss. Despite their feelings for each other, Angel refuses to pursue a romantic relationship with Tess because he believes that he is not worthy of her.

    Chapter 7: Tess and Angel part ways as Tess returns to her home in Marlott. She faces judgment and criticism from the villagers who believe that she is immoral for having a relationship with a man of higher social status.

    Chapter 8: Tess learns that her family is experiencing even more financial difficulties, which pushes her to seek employment in another town. She encounters her former employer, Alec d'Urberville, who continues to pursue her. Tess, desperate for work, reluctantly accepts his offer once again.

    Chapter 9: Tess returns to Talbothays to work for Alec again. However, their relationship becomes increasingly strained as Alec makes unwelcome advances towards her. Tess tries to resist, but Alec takes advantage of her vulnerability and rapes her.

    Chapter 10: Tess becomes pregnant as a result of her assault, and she struggles with the shame and guilt. She decides to keep the baby, but it dies shortly after birth. Tess buries the child herself, as she is unable to have a proper burial due to societal judgments.

    Chapter 11: Tess leaves Talbothays and returns to Marlott. She continues to face judgment from the villagers, who view her as a fallen woman. Tess's family tries to force her into marrying a man named Cuthbert Clare, but she refuses.

    Chapter 12: Tess leaves Marlott and takes up a new job as a milkmaid on a different farm. She tries to start a new life and move on from her past, but she constantly struggles with feelings of guilt and shame.

    Chapter 13: Angel Clare, who has discovered Tess's location, arrives at the dairy farm. He confesses his love for her and proposes marriage. Tess initially resists, believing that her past will taint their relationship, but she ultimately accepts Angel's proposal.

    Chapter 4: Quotes of Tess of the d'Urbervilles book

    1. "Why didn’t you tell me there was danger? Why didn’t you warn me? Ladies know what to guard against, because they read novels that tell them of these tricks."

    2. "Did it never strike your mind that what every woman says, some women may feel?"

    3. "Justice was done, and the President of the Immortals had ended his sport with Tess."

    4. "A strong woman who recklessly throws away her strength, she is worse than a weak woman who has never had any strength to throw away."

    5. "I mistook you for a man of honour, but I see you are no Christian."

    6. "Whence come you?" he asked. "From the field. What have ye seen?" "Nothing." "What have ye done?" "Nothing."

    7. "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

    8. "Did he really love her? Or was it she who loved him, he not? On the answer to this question momentous issues depended for her."

    9. "Somebody’s diamond, so to speak, that ought to be sparkling and facetted; somebody’s jewel with a thousand brilliant-insided refractions."

    10. "Her subsequent experiences in London were not calculated to soothe her much. No sympathetic voice greeted her […] in the haunts that she explored."

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