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    BOOKEY Book Summary and Review

    Think and Grow Rich Full Book Summary

    19. Januar 2023

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    Think and Grow Rich Full Book Summary

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    Think and Grow Rich teaches us that for millions of people, desire can be the driver of success. Anyone interested in following this path to success must take a few straightforward steps. To start, of course, we must have a strong desire. With this yearning, we can affect the subconscious mind through autosuggestion . The subconscious mind reinforces our faith and confidence. It plants a seed. In time, it germinates, and a plan arises. What follows is action without a doubt. The method fully exploits the subconscious mind. It becomes a "middleman" that transforms desires into tangible effects. Through this process, you will realize that just thinking in the right way can make you rich.

    Overview | Chapter 1

    Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book Think and Grow Rich.

    One day, in the early years of the 20th century, in Orange, New Jersey, United States, a visitor came into Thomas A. Edison's office. The guest looked a bit like a homeless person being worn out after a long and arduous journey. He introduced himself as Edwin C. Barnes. He expressed his long-standing wish to be Edison's business partner.

    Edison later recalled that something on Barnes' face conveyed determination. He was someone who would not give up until he achieved his goal. From his previous experience of dealing with people, Edison had learned that when someone's desire was so forceful that they would stake their entire future on their success?they were bound to succeed.

    Edison allowed Barnes to stay, but only as a peon and not as a business partner. Nevertheless, Barnes didn't reckon that his work was unskilled; instead, he held himself to lofty standards. And a few years later, he finally got his wish. He became Edison's true business partner and found himself working in the same room he had blundered into when he first met Edison.

    This is the story at the start of Think and Grow Rich. The anecdote tells us that a person's success is a function of their desire. The more intense their desire, the surer their success.

    How strong was Barnes' passion for success? When he was determined to become Edison's business partner, he didn't know this famous scientist, nor did he have the money to travel to the city where he was working. Facing these two difficulties, most people might have already given up their plans. But not Barnes. His desire was so strong that he climbed on a freight train to reach the destination and finally stood before Edison. When you build up determination, you can overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

    Think and Grow Rich is a book about effective thinking. It could be described as a book about the passion for success. In the title, the word "rich" has multiple connotations. Beyond wealth and financial success, these riches also include spiritual, mental, and bodily estates. Since it was first published in 1937, the book has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide and has influenced the paths of countless lives. The book's author, Napoleon Hill, was a pioneering motivational expert seeking to identify the principles of success. As the work's first edition has now become dated, it was edited and revised in 2004 by Arthur R. Pell, who has a Ph.D. in Philosophy. He replaced some outdated stories and anecdotes with more contemporary examples. The book, in its updated version, is now widely available and remains enduringly popular.

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