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    • Hardly any other fintech is tied as strongly to the terms “next-gen core banking” and “cloud first” as the unicorn Mambu. Bringing in broad experience across the fintech and banking ecosystem, Mambu General Manager Anton Langbroek shares his views on modern versus traditional core banking systems. What are the implications of a modern core banking system on the customer experience but also operability? How can incumbent banks migrate from a traditional to a modern core banking system? And how can software as a service be realized if the regulator imposes restrictions in terms of hosting location? Listen in to find out!
    • While other “buy now, pay later” players are laying off employees to make up for increasingly pessimistic market expectations, the Berlin-based fintech Mondu just raised €40M in funding. We met with the two co-founders, Malte Huffman and Philipp Povel, and asked them about their secret recipe for building yet another successful start-up, the challenges of integrating into B2B ecosystems, and their approach to create a tech platform that caters to their ambitious growth plans. Listen in and find out what role our previous guest Raisin plays in the Mondu landscape and how Mondu differs from marketplace payments provider Payaut.
    • We invited Alexa Cotiaux, cofounder of UpLyvt to our first live recording session ever that took place during an internal women’s event! UpLyvt is an early-stage fintech from Berlin that focuses on female wealth management and financial well-being. We chatted with Alexa about UpLyvt’s purpose and product vision and what role a low-code platform plays in their product development approach. In addition, she shared with us her secrets of personal drive and some best practices for balancing parenthood and being a fintech founder.
    • What makes an Estonian fintech cooler than a Californian one? Probably not just the weather! It’s time to get to know Tuum and its mission to help banks stay in the current digital age. Listen in on this episode with Ove Kreison, CTO and Co-founder of Tuum—formerly known as Modularbank—about what characterizes a state-of-the-art core banking system and why modern APIs are even more important for incumbent banks.
    • The Berlin-based fintech unicorn Raisin has written quite a success story of organic and inorganic growth since it was founded in 2012. Starting with a “savings-as-a-service” offering, it has massively expanded over the years both in functionality and in markets. Most recently, it merged with its former competitor Deposit Solutions to grow even stronger. Listen in to this episode to learn about Raisin’s evolution and the challenges they’ve overcome—both technical and operational—and hear about what lies ahead on their journey to become one of the biggest European open banking fintechs.
    • A warm welcome to the Fintech and Digital Banking Podcast hosted by Annika, Manager, and Nora, Senior Consultant, from the BCG Platinion’s Financial Institutions Practice. Join us as we uncover the best-kept secrets of neobank and fintech experts and learn what’s hot and what’s next on the tech side of banking. Any questions? Reach out to us: [email protected]
    • Hardly any other neobank is growing as fast as Nuri, formerly named Bitwala. Trying out some roads not taken yet by other mainstream providers. Nuri offers the world's first banking service that combines a full German bank account with access to cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain-based financial services. But what is their secret recipe for success? Listen in to this episode with Nuri’s Chief Growth Officer Philipp Beer where he shares insights about Nuri's crypto saving plans, the pioneering role of Germany in the field of crypto regulation and how to combine technologies as a competitive advantage.
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