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    The Fintech & Digital Banking Podcast by Annika Melchert & Nora Hocke - presented by BCG Platinion

    "Modern Fintechs Are Born in the Cloud” with Anton Langbroek, General Manager DACH & CEE at Mambu

    10. August 2022

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    Hardly any other fintech is tied as strongly to the terms “next-gen core banking” and “cloud first” as the unicorn Mambu. Bringing in broad experience across the fintech and banking ecosystem, Mambu General Manager Anton Langbroek shares his views on modern versus traditional core banking systems. What are the implications of a modern core banking system on the customer experience but also operability? How can incumbent banks migrate from a traditional to a modern core banking system? And how can software as a service be realized if the regulator imposes restrictions in terms of hosting location? Listen in to find out!

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