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    The Fintech & Digital Banking Podcast by Annika Melchert & Nora Hocke - presented by BCG Platinion

    “International Women’s Day: Embracing Equity in Banking”

    8. März 2023

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    In celebration of International Women's Day, Nora and Annika are joined by two BCG colleagues and renowned leaders in the financial institution's space, Claudia Rasper (Partner) and Jan Koserski (Partner & Managing Director). Together, they co-authored BCG’s "Gender Equality in the European Banking Industry" report, which explores the current state of gender equality in leadership within Europe’s top 50 banks and track their year-on-year development.

    Listen in to hear them discuss what needs to be done to break down barriers, advance gender parity in the banking sector, and create an equitable workplace.
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