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    The Fintech & Digital Banking Podcast by Annika Melchert & Nora Hocke - presented by BCG Platinion

    “Revolutionizing the Future of Finance in the Middle East through Open Banking” with Emir Isik, Head of Business Development from Tarabut Gateway

    15. Februar 2023

    Nächste Episode
    Welcome to the world of open banking! In our first episode of 2023, we dive deep into the buzzword that’s taking the financial world by storm. What is open banking? Why is it relevant? And how is it transforming the finance landscape in the Middle East? Join Emir Isik, Head of Business Development at Tarabut Gateway, the largest open banking platform in the region, as he delves into the organization’s challenges, opportunities, the role it plays in Saudi Vision 2030 and its impact on the future of finance.

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