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    The NextM Podcast - Tech at Heart, Ignition in Mind

    Frank Bachér about smart audio, voice advertising & ‘the winner takes it all’ // powered by RMS

    20. März 2019

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    This NextM podcast episode is all about audio: Voice assistants have become very popular and are also increasingly discovered by brands for advertising purposes. Frank Bachér, Head of Digital Media at RMS, knows what marketers need to be aware of in the audio business and shares his personal insight into the world of voice with us.
    • 0:46 Smart speakers – a status quo
    • 2:36 Popular voice content
    • 3:24 Benefits of smart audio compared to TV
    • 4:55 Implications for brands and advertisers
    • 7:44 How to ensure accessibility in the audio world: The winner takes it all
    • 9:13 Audio identity and sound logos
    • 10:47 Buying via smart speaker
    • 12:20 The question of data privacy
    • 13:16 Frank’s forecast for smart speakers

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