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    The NextM Podcast - Tech at Heart, Ignition in Mind

    Hacking the senses: Prof. Charles Spence about multisensory tasting // powered by RMS

    4. April 2019

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    In this episode of the NextM podcast series it’s all about multisensory perceptions and their effects on how we perceive certain dining experiences. Specifically, how different external stimuli that we smell, hear, see or touch merge and influence the way we taste. Hence, how the music we hear while eating or the material of the cutlery we use affects how we perceive our meal. Prof. Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford and a gastrophysicist inviting us into his multisensory world of flavors.
    • 0:12 About the work of a gastrophysicist
    • 0:36 Charles’ latest food experiences
    • 1:49 Questions a gastrophysicist examines
    • 3:16 Suggestions for restaurants
    • 5:03 The multisensory of eating
    • 6:24 Effects of blind tasting
    • 9:04 Expression through food
    • 11:00 Hints for the perfect dinner date
    • 13:23 Impacts of digitalization on the way we taste
    • 15:54 Further functions of food

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