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    The NextM Podcast - Tech at Heart, Ignition in Mind

    Creativity, connection, communication: Insights into the work of Shingy, a Digital Prophet

    18. April 2019

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    "There are no passengers on spaceship earth - we are all crew." This quote comes from David Shing aka. Shingy, Digital Prophet at Verizon Media. In this episode of the NextM podcast series Shingy reveals insights from his daily work in the creative industry, gives inspiring implications for brand communication and prophesies five trends that the communications industry should keep in mind in the future.
    • 0:36 The mission of a Digital Prophet
    • 4:10 About “humanized technologies”
    • 7:05 Different platforms for different purposes
    • 11:21 From excitement to anxiety
    • 13:18 What is purpose driven?
    • 14:47 Five top trends in the communications industry
    • 18:28 Which rules should we break?
    • 19:58 Last famous words by Shingy

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