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    #52: Get the best out of BCB 2018! – Interview with Angus Winchester

    8. Oktober 2018

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    Find Angus' program recommendations for copy-pasting in the blog article (link below)!

    Bartender's Christmas, family meeting and high-proof hub. – The Bar Convent Berlin has become one of the most important bar shows in Europe… and this year it will be bigger than ever. On three days bartenders and spirits experts have the chance to discover more than 1,200 products, connect with inspiring people and talk about and by some awesome drinks. BUT the BCB is – not to forget – a great opportunity to look over the edge of your cocktail glass by listening to the world’s best and highly regarded experts. As a matter of fact the list of great speakers is extremely long and the chance of loosing the most important talks very high.

    To make sure, that you don’t get lost in the BCB jungle, ending at your friend’s stand with your favorite cocktail in hand (you know, what I mean!), I invited a very special guest to the podcast: The world-traveling bartender, trainer and consultant Angus Winchester, who is BCB’s Director of Education this year. As a „truthful believer in education“ he tells you more about the purpose behind the program and his idea of practical, relevant and interesting education. Besides giving you a helpful schedule for the best BCB experience, Angus and me also talk about future trends and the importance of an expanded idea of sustainability in the bar world.

    Learn from Angus…

    • … why education is the key to your success as a bartender.

    • … which speeches are the most important concerning your interests.

    • … how the program is organized and on what days you should focus.

    • … why sustainability doesn’t only mean „refuse the straw“.

    • … what are the most significant influences and topics for future bar life.

    • … why your mental and physical health is the base for your bar career.

    Besides that, I’m talking with Angus about persistent Martini researches in Hong Kong, pilates for bartenders and why you should, first of all, look after your knees and feet.

    Stay thirsty and cheers!

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    Check out the blog article: http://nocheersnostory.com/podcast-52-bar-convent-berlin-2018-angus-winchester

    Intro & Outro by Crux Pistols: Soundcloud & Crux!


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