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    #61: Creativity, business & gender equality – Interview with Monica Berg

    9. Dezember 2018

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    „A drink is more than just a drink.“ – Creativity, business & gender equality in bar life

    How can you create drinks, that are as innovative as efficient? Where can you find new inspiration? And why is it important to be equally good with guests and numbers …? – In today’s bar life there are many more factors to think about, than just making a good drink and pleasing your customers. As a matter of fact, the spirits business has (fortunately) changed completely over the last years. For that reason we have not only more quality and possibilities, but also face higher standards and expectations. If you want to improve yourself as a bartender or bar owner, you have to think about a variety of topics like creativity, efficiency and team work. But where to start? What are the little things in everyday’s life, that help to develop yourself and your bar?

    One of the most influential and creative women in our spirits world is Monica Berg. Born and raised in Norway – where she still runs the multi-awarded HIMKOK – Monica lives in London since six years, working on a brand-new bar concept that will open 2019. Over the least years, Monica made and mixed her way through many different bars, countries and positions, so that she not only made a wide variety of experience. She also has a big impact herself by being a visionary cocktail creator, forward-looking bar manager and worldwide speaker. In the interview Monica explains how you can work as creative as efficient. Additionally she talks about gender equality and her personal experiences with this difficult, but big topic.

    Learn from Monica Berg…

    • … what steps it takes to put a new cocktail on the menu – from idea until realization.

    • … why Monica focuses on flavors instead of ingredients.

    • … what’s the most important question you should ask yourself when creating a drink.

    • … why listening to people can be the key for inspiration and success.
      … how you price your cocktails fair and clever.

    • … why you should work with people that are different than you.

    • … why you should never forget to do your calculations.

    • … why female bartenders should tell their truth and step into their power.

    • … why the statement „there’s no women“ is absolutely b***… wrong.

    Additionally I talk with Monica about her new bar in London, high-proofed inspiration at the gym and her late realization that she’s actually a „female“ bartender.

    Stay thirsty and cheers!

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