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    27. November 2023

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    Why is The Long Goodbye book worth reading?

    1. Classic Hard-Boiled Mystery: The Long Goodbye is often regarded as one of the finest examples of hard-boiled detective fiction. It follows the iconic private detective Philip Marlowe as he investigates a complex case filled with twists, turns, and gritty noir elements. Fans of the genre will appreciate Chandler's masterful storytelling and the atmospheric setting of 1950s Los Angeles.

    2. Engaging and Well-Crafted Plot: The book's plot is intricately woven, allowing readers to be fully immersed in the mystery. Chandler's style of writing keeps the suspense alive throughout the narrative, making it difficult to put the book down. The story keeps readers on their toes while presenting unexpected character developments and shocking revelations.

    3. Complex Characters: Chandler's characters are multi-dimensional and psychologically rich. Philip Marlowe, the cynical and morally upright detective, is a compelling protagonist who stands out for his integrity and his complicated relationships with other characters. Chandler's attention to detail and his ability to create believable and flawed characters adds depth to the story and allows readers to emotionally invest in the narrative.

    4. Exploration of Themes: The Long Goodbye delves into various themes, such as loyalty, justice, corruption, and the dark underbelly of society. Chandler expertly explores these themes through his characters and their interactions, making the book not just a gripping mystery but also a serious reflection on human nature and society.

    5. Literary Merit: The Long Goodbye is widely regarded as one of Chandler's finest works and has been praised for its sophisticated prose, vivid descriptions, and sharp dialogue. The book showcases Chandler's mastery of the English language, making it a worthwhile read for those interested in excellent writing and literary craftsmanship.

    Overall, The Long Goodbye is worth reading for its captivating plot, well-developed characters, exploration of themes, and its status as a classic example of hard-boiled detective fiction. It is a book that continues to resonate with readers and remains highly regarded in the genre.

    What happens in The Long Goodbye book?

    The Long Goodbye is a crime fiction novel written by Raymond Chandler and published in 1953. Set in Los Angeles during the 1950s, the story follows private detective Philip Marlowe as he becomes entangled in a series of complex and dangerous situations.

    The narrative begins when Marlowe is approached by his friend Terry Lennox, who asks for a ride to Tijuana, Mexico, as a favor. Marlowe agrees and later learns that Lennox is suspected of murdering his wealthy wife. Marlowe's involvement with Lennox draws him into the world of wealthy socialites and corrupt law enforcement officials. He is hired by Lennox's father-in-law to find and protect his alcoholic wife, which leads to encounters with various eccentric characters.

    Throughout the investigation, Marlowe uncovers a web of deception, betrayal, and blackmail involving Lennox, his wife, the Lennox family, and other important figures in the city. The novel explores themes of loyalty, morality, justice, and the corrupting influence of power.

    As Marlowe continues to dig deeper into the case, he faces numerous obstacles and dangers, including physical violence, threats, and attempts on his own life. He perseveres, determined to uncover the truth behind the crimes and exonerate his friend.

    The Long Goodbye is renowned for its intricate plot, vivid descriptions of Los Angeles, and Chandler's distinctive writing style. It delves into the dark side of society, exposing the hypocrisy and immorality that lurk beneath the glamorous surface of the city.

    In the end, Marlowe manages to piece together the puzzle, discovering the true culprits behind the murders and the reasons for the complex web of deceit. However, the novel concludes on a somewhat ambiguous note, with Marlowe reflecting on the corrupt nature of the world he inhabits, remarking, "There are no final solutions; there is no last word."

    Overall, The Long Goodbye is a gripping tale of crime, deception, and corruption, highlighting the moral dilemmas faced by its protagonist as he navigates through a dark and troubled landscape.

    The Long Goodbye book chapters

    Chapter 1: The House in Windward Avenue

    In this chapter, private detective Philip Marlowe is visited by Terry Lennox, a war veteran who asks for a ride to Tijuana. Marlowe agrees and they establish a friendship.

    Chapter 2: The Man at the Door

    Marlowe receives a phone call from Terry Lennox, who confesses to killing his wife and asks for Marlowe's help. Marlowe reluctantly agrees and begins his investigation.

    Chapter 3: The Blonde at the Bar

    Marlowe meets a young woman named Eileen Wade at a bar. She asks him to find her missing husband, Roger Wade, a famous writer with an alcohol problem. Marlowe takes the case.

    Chapter 4: The Man Who Asked Questions

    Marlowe investigates Roger Wade's disappearance and discovers that he was last seen with a man named Dr. Verringer. Marlowe meets with Verringer to learn more about the situation.

    Chapter 5: The Fifth Dance or Chapter 5: The Lady I Didn't Kill

    Marlowe attends a party at the Wade residence and is introduced to a corrupt politician named Marty Augustine. He becomes suspicious of the Wades' motives and continues his investigation.

    Chapter 6: The Sleeping Dog and the Silent Bird

    Marlowe receives a phone call that leads him to a hidden brothel. He confronts a group of criminals and narrowly escapes with his life.

    Chapter 7: The Mourning After or Chapter 7: Lady in the Lake

    Marlowe deals with the aftermath of his encounter with the criminals. He continues to search for Roger Wade and tries to solve the mystery of Terry's past.

    Chapter 8: The Long Goodbye

    Marlowe discovers the truth about Terry Lennox's past and confronts the people responsible for his problems. The story reaches its climax as Marlowe makes a difficult decision.

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