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    The Noir Genius: The Life and Works of Raymond Chandler

    29. November 2023

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    What is The Long Goodbye book about?

    "The Long Goodbye" is a crime fiction novel written by Raymond Chandler and published in 1953. The story follows private investigator Philip Marlowe as he becomes entangled in a complex web of deception and murder. Marlowe is hired by a friend, Terry Lennox, to assist him in a personal matter, but Lennox later becomes the prime suspect in his wife's murder. Marlowe's investigation takes him into the corrupt and high-society world of Los Angeles, revealing layers of deceit, betrayal, and hidden motives. As Marlowe navigates through the treacherous waters of this case, he encounters a range of colorful and shady characters, all while he grapples with his own moral code and integrity. "The Long Goodbye" explores themes of loyalty, friendship, justice, and the dark underbelly of society in Chandler's signature hardboiled detective style.

    How does The Long Goodbye book end?

    In the ending of the book "The Long Goodbye" by Raymond Chandler, the protagonist and private detective, Philip Marlowe, discovers the truth behind the complex web of deceit and violence that has unfolded throughout the story. Marlowe manages to bring the main culprits to justice and solve the various mysteries surrounding the case. However, the novel concludes on a somber note as Marlowe realizes that justice does not always prevail and that corruption and cruelty persist. The final lines of the book depict Marlowe's disillusionment and resignation as he says, "I was as empty of life as a scarecrow’s pockets."

    Books like The Long Goodbye book

    1. "The Big Sleep" by Raymond Chandler: This is another classic detective novel featuring Philip Marlowe, the same detective from "The Long Goodbye." It explores a complex web of crime and corruption set in 1930s Los Angeles.

    2. "Farewell, My Lovely" by Raymond Chandler: Another installment in the Philip Marlowe series, this book follows the detective as he gets entangled in a case involving a stolen jade necklace, gangsters, and a femme fatale.

    3. "The Maltese Falcon" by Dashiell Hammett: Considered a masterpiece of hard-boiled detective fiction, this novel features private detective Sam Spade, who becomes embroiled in a hunt for a priceless statue while dealing with duplicitous characters.

    4. "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" by George V. Higgins: Set in the gritty underworld of Boston, this crime novel follows Eddie Coyle, a small-time criminal who becomes an informant for the police in an effort to avoid jail time.

    5. "The Brass Verdict" by Michael Connelly: This book is part of the Harry Bosch series, but it also introduces defense attorney Mickey Haller. When a famous Hollywood lawyer is murdered, Haller inherits his cases, including one involving a high-profile murder trial.

    6. "The Last Good Kiss" by James Crumley: This gritty novel follows private investigator C.W. Sughrue as he travels across the American West in search of a missing person, delving into his own troubled past along the way.

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