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    she drives mobility

    Will Butler-Adams – why is a Brompton a swiss army knife of mobility?

    21. Mai 2023

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    It's no secret that I, too, can no longer imagine my life without my Brompton. Since I have several chronic illnesses and travel a lot by train, I simply have a mobility guarantee with my "Mary Poppins". Even on days when my strength is limited.

    Nevertheless, the first thing Will and Brompton remembered me for was not this, but a talk at the last Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, where Will asked if there were no women in Germany. The background: on almost all the panels, only (white) men were talking. I was also very irritated that there was a traffic jam in the run-up to a bike show, that the posters often only showed men with dirt on their faces (I like to avoid that in my bike moments) and that at the show itself even the "SUV among gravel bikes" was making its rounds on an illuminated podium.

    Accordingly, I started our conversation with Will not about the 1 millionth Brompton that is being sent around the world, but with an exchange about diversity and customer orientation. For Will, it is simply "nuts" not to consider half of a possible market (aka women). For him, too, it is weird that such a feminist means of mobility as the bicycle is so male-dominated.

    In this episode we talk about leadership, diverse teams - of course - the mobility revolution. I found Will's attitude exciting that the best marketing should not be found on posters and in advertising clips, but through convinced customers who "sell" the Brompton product on the street. That's why Brompton doesn't have a wide product range, but one and the same product in different versions, because the aim is to continuously improve this product.

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