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    • Personalized IBANs, biweekly feature releases, a special banking license just for Fintechs, a custom-developed core banking system, 100% cloud-native—what sounds like the future for most incumbent banks is already a reality for Yapeal, the rising star in the Swiss fintech market. Join Annika and Nora on their talk with Thomas Hilgendorff, CEO and Co-Founder of Yapeal, about his story of how a group of 12 experienced bankers ventured to join the international competition of challenger banks. At Yapeal, they rethink what customer-centric banking can look like in the digital world of the future.
    • When talking about the crypto market, there are similarities to the traditional finance one. However, it is barely a “the winner takes it all” market, which provides opportunities for everyone to grow. Nevertheless, ten years in the future, crypto native players will have outperformed traditional banks. Therefore trust is required for Fintechs such as Finoa, a regulated Digital Asset Platform for institutional investors, to scale and capture incumbents’ market share by building a relationship with the customers to provide professional services as a regulated financial institution. But how to target such an ambivalent and ambitious goal? Listen to this episode with Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Finoa, about how to combine being regulated, being trustworthy but still being at the forefront of innovation in the crypto space.
    • Hardly any other neobank is growing as fast as Nuri, formerly named Bitwala. Trying out some roads not taken yet by other mainstream providers. Nuri offers the world's first banking service that combines a full German bank account with access to cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain-based financial services. But what is their secret recipe for success? Listen in to this episode with Nuri’s Chief Growth Officer Philipp Beer where he shares insights about Nuri's crypto saving plans, the pioneering role of Germany in the field of crypto regulation and how to combine technologies as a competitive advantage.
    • In this episode we introduce you to a niche fintech that successfully rides on the platform economy wave: The Amsterdam-based Payaut offers payment services to small and medium sized marketplaces. Listen in to learn from their CTO Simon Hall, former Chief IT Architect at BCG Platinion, what Payaut’s value proposition looks like, why they designed their technology platform the way they did, and how they balance automation and regulation.
    • Observing the latest funding rounds and market values, it appears that successful Fintechs are rapidly catching up with incumbent banks. While what we currently observe is just the tip of the iceberg, the rate of change and the rate of growth in the Fintech space is going to continue. How does it affect the banking sector? And what can incumbent banks learn from those Fintechs? Join the latest episode with Jürgen Eckel (Partner and Managing Director, BCG Digital Ventures), Ludger Küpper (Managing Director and Head of Financial Institutions Practice Area, BCG Platinion) and Boris Stoff (Managing Director, BCG Platinion) on the discussion on what enables banks to stay at the forefront of driving technology and change fast enough to fulfill both customer and regulatory requirements.
    • In our second episode with him, our guest Peter Grosskopf, one of the leading crypto and fintech experts, shares his perspective on how distributed ledger technologies will impact the future of financial services. If you’ve ever looked for a simple explanation for decentralized finance and the blockchain, listen in now and impress your grandma later.
    • Full-stack investment offerings with a scope similar to incumbent banks are still rare in the European banking landscape. The German-based fintech Upvest has just positioned themselves in that niche with their "Investment as a service" offering. In parallel, they are just in the process of applying for a full securities trading bank license. Keen to learn how they consider regulation as a chance, and how they've built their cloud-based investment platform? Join Annika and Nora on this episode with Tobias Auferoth, CFO of Upvest, to get to know the process of obtaining a banking license and what advantages this brings to a Fintech.
    • Migrating core banking systems is a topic that may give you a headache before you even start getting into it. But what if you already would have been part of it without knowing? Germany’s latest fintech unicorn Solarisbank just demonstrated how to smoothly transition from a monolithic to a self-built modular core without its end customers even noticing. Want to find out how? Listen in to this episode with Dr. Jörg Howein, CPO at Solarisbank, in which he shares about the details and gives you a sneak preview into how Solarisbank plans to stay at the forefront of its clients’ needs.
    • In the race to provide the best and simplest user experience ever, financial services still offer a promising playground for start-ups. Digital finance offerings are more popular than ever—forget.finance is well on the way to becoming one of them. With its ambition to offer a holistic, mobile-based financial coach, they are likely to be one of the most promising fintechs in the German market. Join us as we talk to Jurek Herwig, Co-Founder and CTO, about his vision, the characteristics of a modern banking IT architecture, and his ambitions for the future.
    • He is one of Germany’s leading crypto and fintech experts and is about to launch a promising decentralized finance (DeFi) start-up: Peter Grosskopf, former CTO of Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange and Solarisbank. In this episode, we talk about his previous experiences and challenges as CTO of a fintech. Join us as Peter shares the lessons he learned on leading high-performing tech teams and find out how “compliance by design” plays a central role in this
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