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    The Fintech & Digital Banking Podcast by Annika Melchert & Nora Hocke - presented by BCG Platinion

    “How the Latest German Fintech Unicorn Plans to Stay Ahead of Competition” with Dr. Jörg Howein, Chief Product Officer of Solarisbank

    5. August 2021

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    Migrating core banking systems is a topic that may give you a headache before you even start getting into it. But what if you already would have been part of it without knowing? Germany’s latest fintech unicorn Solarisbank just demonstrated how to smoothly transition from a monolithic to a self-built modular core without its end customers even noticing. Want to find out how? Listen in to this episode with Dr. Jörg Howein, CPO at Solarisbank, in which he shares about the details and gives you a sneak preview into how Solarisbank plans to stay at the forefront of its clients’ needs.

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