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    The Fintech & Digital Banking Podcast by Annika Melchert & Nora Hocke - presented by BCG Platinion

    “Why Banking and Flawless Customer Experience Are Not Contrary to Each Other ” With Thomas Fuss (CTO) and Elliott Haralambous (Global Strategic Partnerships and Alliances Lead) from Backbase

    8. Dezember 2021

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    While flawless customer experience seems to be more naturally aligned with new-grown Fintechs rather than incumbent banks, some solutions venture to bridge the gap between complex infrastructures and modern user-centric processes.

    Join Annika and Nora in this episode with Thomas Fuss and Elliott Haralambous from Backbase, the frontrunner in the digital banking engagement platform space, on how to introduce modern customer journeys on top of legacy technology to fuel the ambition in architecting banking around the customers.

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