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    she drives mobility

    How to degrowth the transport sector – and regain liveable cities and regions.

    5. Juni 2022

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    Over the last 16 months, Degrowth Vienna, an austrian collective, has been working on a book in collaboration with over forty authors from both academic and activist contexts. It deals with the core question of how a socio-ecological transformation can be achieved and will be published in about two months. The book is an essential contribution to current debates on degrowth and socio-ecological transformation, in which the question of strategy has often been neglected. My guest John is PhD Candidate at the Central European University and Junior Fellow at the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies.  

    Together with Thomas Smith and Leon Leuser, John wrote Chapter 15 about Mobility & Transport. It tackles questions of degrowth transformation in the mobility sector and investigates different directions, from technology based scenarios, to others that question mobility in itself. It also assesses the extent to which car sharing may represent a satisfying degrowth strategy, focussing on a Paris based example.

    brief description:
    ‘Mobility and transport: An overview of strategies for social-ecological transformation in the field of transportation’ written by John Szabo, Thomas SJ Smith and Leon Leuser is a book chapter that discusses strategies to reconfigure the unsustainable transportation system currently prevalent. Through a number of examples, it shows how the dominant system can be dismantled and alternative systems developed based on existing practices. It is a part of the book Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation edited by Nathan Barlow, Livia Regen, Noémie Cadiou, Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Max Hollweg, Christina Plank, Merle Schulken and Verena Wolf, published by Mayfly Books in 2022.

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